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First Things First

Welcome to Compute & Conquer! This article may seem a little basic. We all have an idea of what a computer is but the fundamentals are necessary. Without knowing how something works, how can we determine a problem and find a solution when something goes awry? Way too often, I find myself helping someone with a very "easy to fix" problem on their computer. A problem which could have either been avoided or fixed had they had the basic knowledge of how to use a computer. Even worse, I've seen too many people calling technical support, credit card ready, and spending a good hundred dollars or more on advice that could have been found in something I like to call, "The User Manual"!

So, first things first: What is a computer?

A computer is any electronic device that uses data input by a user, processes the data, and outputs the data. A calculator is a computer! Your smartphone is a computer too!

Your first task is to read your user manual. Many computers manufacturers and different operating systems have unique qualities. Compute and Conquer is appealing to the masses by using the Windows operating system as a whole. Some items may vary so if something is not understood, feel free to post in the forum!

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Nice intro. Interested to see what comes next!

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